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ETR (Energy Transfer Reset)



  • The energy transfer reset is a healing modality that restores the soul back to the pure state that existed immediately after it was created by Source.
  • The reset is a powerful tool to remove all low frequencies, blockages, and karma from all who experience it.
  • The reset allows the body to heal on quantum levels from all types of illness, disease, abuse, trauma, and negativity.
  • The reset restores the purity and innocence that once existed.
  • The reset is a way to jump back timelines. It takes the soul back to the purest state. If you were not in the current density, you would be able to visually see the change.
  • The reset works in conjunction with other healing modalities such as reiki but is the most powerful tool for frequency removal as reiki does not clear all timelines across all past/parallel lives and the Akashic Records.


  • The reset must be facilitated by a person in higher dimensions such as a star seed. A star seed is someone who has experienced a higher dimension in a parallel life on another planet.
  • Star seeds exist on a higher plane and have the capacity to withstand the transfer of the dark energies. Star seeds will know the level of activation that is needed to facilitate the transfer.
  • A level of activation refers to the exact work that must be done to remove the frequencies. The star seed knows this intuitively and is not consciously aware of it during the process.
  • The star seed is needed to facilitate the reset in conjunction with a team of light beings that are skilled at healing and energy manipulation.


The ETR session is done remotely, over the phone. Please email Hilde directly to book a 30 minute ETR session.


Written and Channeled by Beverly Nation

Some Information Created by Trudi Griffith

Updated 10-6-18

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