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At Freda & Wolf we believe in using nature's medicine cabinet to enhance natural beauty and wellness from within. With backgrounds in herbal medicine, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, skincare and clinical nutrition we have combined 25+ years of experience using Holistic medicine.  

Nature has a solution to every problem. For example, if there is a toxin on a reef in the sea, there is an antidote along the shoreline. For tropical viruses there is a local remedy in the jungle.
"We love using holistic medicine to  help heal our patients, children and friends. In our clinical experience the results have been quite profound and even jaw-dropping at times. One of our favorite aspects of this medicine is that there is a high degree of efficacy without side effects. Therefore we decided to make these pearls of Holistic herbal medicine available to as many people as possible."     
                                                                                              - John & Hilde
We started formulating Chinese herbal tinctures in 2010 and spent the next 7 years testing, perfecting the ratios and isolating the most effective herbs to achieve optimal results. It has been a labor of passion, love and alchemical magic!

The Freda & Wolf skincare products were inspired by co-founder, Hilde's extensive experience in Facial Rejuvenation. For over a decade she has been formulating her own skincare products and is constantly educating herself to always create new and improved products. Hilde's skincare line has now evolved and she's developed a new, simple, plant-based 3 step face care regimen.  

There are many more products on the horizon from Freda & Wolf as this story is just beginning.

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