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Dual Cleansing System - Freda & Wolf
Dual Cleansing System - Freda & Wolf

Freda & Wolf

Dual Cleansing System

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Meet the most effective cleansing system created! For real though! Cleansing with oil works brilliantly for removing eye makeup, foundation, sunscreen, bronzer and accumulated dirt from a long day. Massage the oil onto a dry face for 30 seconda dn wipe away with a very hot damp washcloth and you won't BELIEVE how soft and clean your skin feels! The oil cleanser LIFTS dirt without stripping skinof natural oils.

Our Clarifying Cleanser is a foaming gel, comprised of only 5 ingredients + 2 essential oils!! Use this after oil cleansing or one it's own and you'll LOVE how soft and fresh your face looks and feels!

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