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An Alternative Approach To Hair Loss

John Simmonds

Posted on January 12 2018

An Alternative Approach To Hair Loss

 Wouldn't it be simply fantastic if there was a magic pill for everything from weight loss, to consistent happiness, to hair loss? Some might argue that if that divine little pill existed then we would miss out on the experience of the “journey” and all those lessons we are here to learn. After all, what better motivation is there, to embark on the path to health and wellness than a healing crisis?! While there may be no magic pill, there are a variety of methods, nutritional protocols and alternative solutions to many of our health concerns that support our short and long term hair goals. 

I'm going to base this post on alternative solutions to hair loss from the perspective of holistic medicine, nutrition and Chinese herbs. So many men and women are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair and alopecia - it's no wonder with our stressful, high-octane modern lifestyles and our nutrient deficient food. While women's hair loss patterns differ from men's hair loss patterns in that many women experience hair thinning after having a baby (post party hair loss) and many men have genetic male pattern baldness, there are some fundamental similarities in the root of ALL hair loss conditions.

  1. Kidneys
    The kidneys produce erythropoietin, which is needed to create red blood cells in the bone marrow. With a low red blood cell count or anemia, one of the first things that is going to go is your lustrous sheen on your hair. 
  2. Blood
    As stated above, if your blood is not in the best shape, neither will your eyes, teeth, bones, nails and hair. Blood in Chinese medicine terms doesn't just mean the red stuff, but the white cells as well as the plasma. Energy will be low if appropriate nutrients are absent from our diets. Small amounts of red meat regularly are great for blood volume, as are B vitamins and leafy greens.
  3. Diet
    Sugar is the biggest enemy in the Standard American Diet, because you can find it in so many kinds of foods and drinks. The only way to avoid this is by label reading and even better, cooking at home from scratch. Too much of anything runs a close second to sugar. Too much alcohol, caffeine, simple carbs, and processed foods are best avoided. If you can't consume in moderation, don't buy the stuff and bring it home! We drink far too little water as well - aim for about a gallon a day if you're active.
  4. Sleep
    Insufficient sleep can wreck your body and hair. Being parents, we know this. Sleep deprivation leads to insulin resistance, an unbalanced endocrine system (think "hormones"), reduces focus and concentration, mood fluctuations and bad food choices. Sleep hygiene is the healthy way of preparing our bodies for sleep; no screens before bed (phone/tablet/laptop/TV etc.) and using essential oils and candles to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system for a gentle descent into dreamland are great ideas. We need sleep to regenerate and renew and this means our cells as well. 

 By following these simple suggestions, it is possible to turn our hair around, the best part is that our bodies will soon follow!